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About Love Sati

Sati is a shortened form of the name of the Hindu goddess Saraswati.  She is the goddess of music, arts and learning, and the story goes that as she reached enlightenment she realised that she always wanted to be available to assist those in need, so she transformed herself into a Mantra (sacred chant) so people could always call on her.

Love Sati is dedicated to sharing experience and wisdom learned through the school of life.  Things are learnt and experienced through many mediums, such as direct teaching (workshops) to the 'aha' moments we gain through connecting with sacred art and objects of power, to conversations with others going through similar experiences. We hope that everyone who connects with Love Sati in any way will gain something to connect them more deeply to their true selves, while also feeling their connection to the greater weave of life in which we play our parts.  May you feel richly alive, know your wholeness, and be blessed with the knowing of great love.

In Love Honour and Gratitude,

So it is, and so it shall be.

Love Sati.

Our Story

Love Sati is born from the gathering of friends supporting each other in our spiritual and emotional development.  It is born from the desire to connect and share, and create space for people to experience the joy found when the solitary, inner journey of self/spiritual development opens to allow the validation and support of others walking a similar path.

Meet the Team

In love, light honour and gratitude.  We offer service, presence and grace.

Metatron only Fiji

Archangel Metatron

Higher being of Unconditional Love

Archangel Metatron is the Angel of Ascension, spiritual growth and learning.  He helps us to stabilise our energy as we grow, allowing the wisdom we access from the higher dimensions and soul levels of self to be put to good use here in our physical lives.  He is a key guide and teacher for the Sourceress.  His symbol, Metatron's Cube can be meditated upon to call his energy into your life, allowing him to support and guide you also.


Sam Portrait

Samantha 'Sati' Smith

"Sourceress" of Light

Samantha, or Sam, is known as the Sourceress thanks to a good friend.  Upon his first experience of feeling the physical effects of energy work facilitated by Sam, he declared 'What sourcery is this!' The name stuck and Sam became the Sourceress due to her ability to understand and work with subtle energy in profound ways.

Sam started on her pathway of connection to self and intuition at the young age of 17 when she started with self-development books to move through trauma and emotional challenges. She studied psychology, and holds an honours degree.

She then went on to study NLP and hypnosis, understanding the mental-emotional connection and clearing negative beliefs, thought patterns and identities.  She worked with a seminar company teaching these modalities for a few years, assisting others in this way.

Through this process of clearing old blocks, and practicing letting her awareness still into hypnotic trances, it allowed her intuitive side to really open up, which lead her to the world of crystals and subtle energies.

Here she found a soul calling, and has been working with the crystals and subtle energies ever since.  Sam has connected with many people over the years of working with crystals and energy, and she firmly believes that we all have the ability to feel energy, we are just not trained to pay attention to what it is that we are feeling.  Each person's intuitive strengths are different and unique, and the more we develop them the more we open ourselves to a world of deeper connection, both to ourselves and those around us.  Sam would love to see everyone empowered and engaged with these levels of perception and understanding, and aims to share her knowledge and skills to the best of her ability.

fire dancer


Goddess of Art, Music and Learning

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of art, music and learning.  She is a being who has had a profound influence on the Sourceress, and is a powerful guide and influence in her work.  Legend goes that Saraswati was so dedicated to her path of service, that she decided to transform herself into a mantra in order to always be available to those who needed her.  This mantra is called the Gayatri mantra, and is a powerful tool for awakening the intuition and connecting the personality with the soul.  It is one of the Sourceress's favourites.

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