Metatron Meditations

Guided meditation in a powerful, room-sized crystal grid laid out in a Metatron's Cube.  Each evening supports you with your personal goals and intentions and spiritual growth in a safe environment with like minded people.  Accelerate your healing and spiritual growth with the clear, unconditionally loving guidance of the Archangel Metatron.  Relax and allow yourself to be held in Divine Love.

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Crystal Meditations

Guided meditation evenings that focus on the energy of a particular crystal.  By using a crystal as a focus for the meditation it allows us to connect to a specific quality, such as compassion, truth, protection, grounding or abundance.  As we connect to the energy of the crystal through meditation we allow this quality to become more present in our lives.

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Sourcery Of Light Workshops

Learn to work with subtle energy.  These workshops begin with helping you to identify and feel the subtle energy around you.  They then build your skills to understand and work with this energy in order to do things such as:

  • protect your personal energy
  • understand how your energetic habits are affecting your relationships
  • create deep and meaningful connections with others
  • hold a space of compassion and unconditional love to allow healing and growth for both yourself and others
  • understand your personal spiritual gifts
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Being spiritual in everyday life

We all have a connection to the experiences beyond the pure physical reality.  It's like when you walk into a room when someone's had an argument and you can feel the tension in the air.  Many people just 'get gut a feeling' about someone or something, while others have dreams of the future, and yet others just know things that they normally shouldn't know.  We all have our intuition, and it is something that is rarely taught to us and generally poorly understood, so most people are either shut it down due to fear, or get overwhelmed by the energy around them, and it works against them.  The more we learn to understand and work with our sensitivity, the more it becomes a tool of great value in our lives.

Metatron Peridot Water bottle

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